Get to the top with the Clash of Clans guide!

There’s lots of players on Clash of Clans, and since Clash of Clans Laboratory was created, it’s known that many of them are looking for a guide to scale quickly.
To be honest, Clash of Clans is almost a Pay-to-win game. It means it’s almost needed to buy gems to get your village to the tops. But here’s a secret: most of the top players of Clash of Clans doesn’t use gems! So, how do they do it? How do they scale to the top 200 players in the World? They use a very structured guide to improve their villages. So they can get lots of trophies, upgrade the town hall level almost instantly (for ‘instantly’ I mean to upgrade the level, and as soon as it finished, upgrade it again), have the best defensive layouts, etc.

A little time ago, there was some websites (and maybe still are, but not working anymore) that makes you get free gems! But nowadays that’s not working anymore… so here’s the Clash of Clans guide I followed!

When I initially began Clash of Clans there was no data about the game. It was buggy as heck, and everybody was stumbling around making a wreck of the game. Nobody knew the mechanics at the time and the individuals who were fast to learn had a gigantic superiority. Myself, simply beginning, I squandered the first free gems provided to abbreviate the upgrade of my Resource Building. Later, I acknowledged I required those free gems to buy a Builder’s Hut. At that level, having an extra Builder was urgent!

I’m here to help you in Clash of Clans. This incorporates anything from resist as an amateur Clasher, to what to expect when your newbie shields go down, and everything from that point onwards to the Champion’s League.

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