It is possible that Mansion may revise, modify or update these Terms and Conditions at any moment. Mansion also has the right to amend any promotion’s terms in whole or in part. If the Terms and Conditions change materially, the Player will be notified in advance. The Player must agree the revised terms and conditions before regaining access to our Services.

By using the Website or any Devices after such notification, you agree to be bound by the updated Terms and Conditions, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal Policy, Privacy Policy and House Betting Rules.

No modification of these Terms and Conditions is permitted unless as clearly stipulated in clause 4.1 above. This specifically excludes any oral alteration or revision to these Terms and Conditions. A customer care agent or any other Mansion representative may unintentionally use chat, SMS, or email to contact you.

1.4 Clause 4.1 of these Terms and Conditions gives Mansion the right to novate it to another firm in the Mansion Group as part of a corporate restructuring or reorganisation.


2.1 To play with Mansion and utilise the Services, you must complete the online membership application (“Membership Application”).

To use the Website for illegal or fraudulent activity, including (but not limited to) money laundering, as provided by the governing law that applies to You and/or any Mansion Group company, you agree and declare that you have entered your own correct personal details.

2.3 A person cannot open or hold a Player Account if they are not the holder or operating on behalf of a third party.

2.4 You may only open one Player Account per person on the Website, and Mansion maintains the right to close any duplicate accounts. If a person opens several Player Accounts on the Website, Mansion may credit the first Player Account that the person opens with Mansion with the balances from the other Player Accounts that would have been cancelled. For any reason, Mansion may cancel any transaction involving the Player, without prejudice to any other action, or terminate this Agreement.

2.5 Mansion reserves the right to reject your Membership Application and close your Player Account. Unless prohibited by law, all contractual obligations of a Player or Mansion made prior to the closure of a Player Account shall be honoured.

2.6 A Player must not allow any third party to use their Player Account and is fully liable for any losses incurred as a result. If a Player suspects someone else has accessed their Player Account, they must immediately notify Mansion and cooperate fully with Mansion’s investigation.

2.7 The Player must not form a Player Account or use our Services if they are in a jurisdiction where doing so is illegal or against the law. It is the Player’s duty to prevent this. An account opened in a country where accessing the Services is unlawful may be suspended or terminated immediately by Mansion.

None of the above are authorised to open or hold a Player Account or use the Service directly or indirectly on behalf of Mansion, a Mansion Group entity or connected companies. If this provision is violated, Mansion reserves the right to close the Player Account, nullify any Bets, and reverse all winnings.


3.1 Mansion may ask for personal information such as first name, surname, date of birth, home address, email address, telephone number, language, currency for deposits and withdrawals, or ID card number.

3.2 The Player is responsible for providing accurate, exact, and current information to Mansion.

3.3 The Player is responsible for protecting their bank card from loss or theft and should report any loss or theft to Mansion customer care.

3.4 Infringe any intellectual property or property rights of a third party. If Mansion deems your username objectionable, customer service will ask you to alter it. If you refuse, Mansion may suspend your Player Account.

3.5 Mansion assumes all transactions are genuine and made by the rightful owner of the Player Account. Not accountable for any losses caused by players due to unauthorised use or misuse of personal information.

3.6 Mansion will take stringent security precautions to secure Players’ personal information. Securing your account and password is totally your responsibility.

3.7 The privacy of your personal data is protected by our Privacy Policy. The gambling authorities or applicable legislation may require us to share your personal data or betting information. Payment service providers and financial institutions may get your personal data to complete payments for the Services.

A cookie is a little text file that is placed on your computer or mobile device by a website that you visit. Our Cookies Policy has more details.

3.9 Our Privacy Policy contains more information about how Mansion uses the Player’s personal information.


4.1 We hereby give you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Services subject to the following conditions:

4.1.1 You are at least 18 years old, or the legal age in your country of residence, and can take responsibility for your conduct;

4.1.2 All information provided in the registration form given to Mansion is true, accurate, comprehensive, and matches to the name(s) appearing on the bank cards used for the deposits and payments of prizes. The information submitted to Mansion may be revealed to be erroneous, inaccurate, deceptive, or incomplete. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes about the information you provided us with as soon as feasible;

4.1.3 Using the Services entitles you to play online games of chance. This right is personal and not commercial.

4.1.4 You may not under any situation authorise a third party to use your Player Account, your password or your identity to access the Services;

4.1.5 You comprehend the Website’s game rules and procedures.

4.1.6 You must note the payout rate or odds for each game before placing a Bet, and you accept that payout rates and odds fluctuate often.

• We may withhold monies from you that we suspect are connected to or derived from criminality.

It is strictly forbidden to post or transmit to the Website and/or Devices or to other Players any unlawful, harassing abusive threatening libellous defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory racially/ethnically objectionable, pornographic or profane material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be a criminal offence, civil liability, or otherwise violate any law.

4.1.9 You will not create or provide any means (including emulators) for others to use the Software.

4.1.10 You acknowledge that using the Services to play games of chance puts you at risk of losing money. You alone are responsible for any losses incurred through your Player Account.

4.1.11 You acknowledge that playing consumes our Services instantly. Thus, we cannot accept returns of items or reimbursements, nor can we cancel your Bets after they have been placed. If you play a game on the Website with real money, the money will be deducted from your Player Account instantaneously;

4.1.12 You agree not to violate or attempt to violate Mansion’s security measures. You may be denied access to the Website (and all other websites) and Services offered by Us if Mansion has reasonable suspicion that you have violated this paragraph.

4.1.13 You agree not to use or attempt to employ any artificial intelligence (AI) martingale betting technique or software in connection with the Services.

To the extent Mansion reasonably determines that you used or attempted to use an artificial intelligence product in conjunction with our Services, you agree that Mansion may immediately suspend or terminate your Player Account, deny you access to the Website (and all other websites) and Services offered by us.

5. Verification of identity and age

5.1 Anyone under the age of 18 cannot use the Website or the Services.

5.2 You must be at least the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction to use the Websites and Services.

5.3 Mansion retains the right to request proof of age and identification at any time to prevent minors from using the Website. When registering on the Website, players must give proper identification, address, email, and phone number.

If you are under the age of 18, please do not register an Account.

5.5 We will conduct regular checks to validate a Player’s identification and gaming age.

5.6 If these procedures fail to confirm a customer’s age, Mansion reserves the right to request proof of age.

5.7 Your age must be verified to ensure you are of gambling age. If we cannot properly verify your age within 72 hours of your initial deposit, we retain the right to:

5.7.1 Lock your account;

5.7.2 withhold funds;

Keep your account safe from future gaming.

5.8 If you are found to be underage, any deposits made on your Player Account will be refunded, and all winnings or bonuses will be forfeit.

To verify your age, we will send an email to your registered email address requesting one of the following documents: a birth certificate, a driver’s licence, a passport, a credit agreement

If Mansion (at its sole discretion) needs to verify your identity further, you agree that Mansion can send an email to your registered address, requesting copies of two of the following documents, one of which must show your date of birth: birth certificate, driving licence, passport; signed credit agreement, national identity card, utility bill or bank statement (less than 3 months old). If such documents are requested, no withdrawals may be made until Mansion receives them.

5.11 All documents must be readable and in good condition to be authorised. Your Player Account login must be included in the communication, to ensure the check is conducted immediately.