How To Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans

Many people have tried for free gems in order to skip the updates fast and get to maximum levels. During My initial days I have tried many game hacks to get free gems in clash of clans and failed eventually. After that I Read about the whole clash of clans strategies and how super cell is implementing their strategies to prevent these hacks. After all that survey,all I can say is ……… Wait,I will explain you clearly and If you know that blank then you are quite genius for sure.

Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans :

Here are the two method to get free gems in clash of clans game. I have also played clash of kings game and it doesn’t have these types of restrictions but the user interface is not as good as super cell invention clash of clans. So,I request you to stay in clash of clans and don’t think of any alternatives.

Two Methods To Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans :-

Below are the best methods to get free gems in clash of clans.
1) By Completing Achievements and
2) Buying Gems From Store.
Don’t get irritated and let me explain you why I am saying that these are the only two options. I have researched for 5 days and read almost every source on internet. I am a good resource person and trust me that these two are the only ways to get free gems.
Supercell will keep on changing their code every few minutes. They have a lot of developers just getting salary for changing the code in super cell. So,If a hacker makes a hack for the specific code then it might only work for few minutes and he has to look for another hack again after few minutes. So,my final words is it is impossible to crack super cell unless you are a professional hacker (or) super cell employee.
These change in codes will prevent all hackers to step in and try some crack for clash of clans.

Disadvantages Of Crack :-

There are many disadvantages if you try to crack the super cell code and get some gems. You might have seen some screenshots (or) videos and thought of the hack of unlimited gems. Yes,I have also tried that and got unlimited gems but,they banned my profile after a day.
1) Your profile will not be able to participate in a clan war
2) Some times they will kick you very harshly stating that you are violating their policies.
3) Some cracks will last for few minutes only and then they will be normal again
So,consider all these points and decide whether to hack clash of clans (or) do some wars and unlock achievements. The easiest way of getting gems is making 1250 trophies which will give us 450 free gems as a reward.
If you are not patient enough to complete all these achievements then you can buy those gems in super cell market. I have many friends who are buying those gems and upgrading their town halls to maximum levels. One of my friend has got to town hall 10 with in a month just by buying free gems.

Conclusion :-

Finally What I say is that there is no cheats (or) hacks available for clash of clans right now. In future,there may be available and super cell should worry about that. Until then,keep playing genuine and maximise your town hall. Mean while which town hall you are in ?? Please let me know through the comments section below.!!

Get to the top with the Clash of Clans guide!

There’s lots of players on Clash of Clans, and since Clash of Clans Laboratory was created, it’s known that many of them are looking for a guide to scale quickly.
To be honest, Clash of Clans is almost a Pay-to-win game. It means it’s almost needed to buy gems to get your village to the tops. But here’s a secret: most of the top players of Clash of Clans doesn’t use gems! So, how do they do it? How do they scale to the top 200 players in the World? They use a very structured guide to improve their villages. So they can get lots of trophies, upgrade the town hall level almost instantly (for ‘instantly’ I mean to upgrade the level, and as soon as it finished, upgrade it again), have the best defensive layouts, etc.

A little time ago, there was some websites (and maybe still are, but not working anymore) that makes you get free gems! But nowadays that’s not working anymore… so here’s the Clash of Clans guide I followed!

When I initially began Clash of Clans there was no data about the game. It was buggy as heck, and everybody was stumbling around making a wreck of the game. Nobody knew the mechanics at the time and the individuals who were fast to learn had a gigantic superiority. Myself, simply beginning, I squandered the first free gems provided to abbreviate the upgrade of my Resource Building. Later, I acknowledged I required those free gems to buy a Builder’s Hut. At that level, having an extra Builder was urgent!

I’m here to help you in Clash of Clans. This incorporates anything from resist as an amateur Clasher, to what to expect when your newbie shields go down, and everything from that point onwards to the Champion’s League.

What you know about Clash of Clans

If you like to play games on your iOS or Android device, you should check out Clash of Clans. It is one of the latest strategy games created by Supercell. Each day, thousands of players from different parts of the world compete with one another to create villages, raid and steal resources from other players, join clans, and unlock warriors.

Clash of Clans is a free game that you can easily download from iTunes and the Google Play Store. However, if you wish to purchase gold, elixirs, and other resources, you need to spend real money. You have to make in-app purchases. As a serious player, you may be quickly tempted to spend your money on these virtual items.

Then again, you may also want to check out some Clash of Clans online hack. If you have a hack sheet, you will be able to generate an unlimited amount of coins and gems in your account without having to spend real money. With the right kind of software program, you will be able to be the best player there is.
A Clash of Clans online hack is very useful because it will let you play this great strategy game without having to worry about spending. You can expand your village without any restrictions as well as train an unlimited number of troops. You can also beat all your rivals quickly and easily. Having a Clash of Clans online hack will certainly change your gaming life.

You should get a Clash of Clans online hack that works on all iOS and Android devices, so you can enjoy your game on your iPad Air, Xperia, or any other compatible device. There are numerous sites on the Internet that claim to offer such hack links and codes. It is ideal that you do your own research before clicking on any link.

See to it that you will not be downloading any viruses or fraudulent files. A lot of scam sites pretend to offer hack links but once you click on these links, you will be asked to complete a survey. You should look for a Clash of Clans online hack that will allow you to have an unlimited amount of gems, elixirs, and gold. It should not require any jailbreaking for iOS devices as well as rooting for Android devices.