Everything a Gambler Should Steer Clear of

Betting on Unknown Bets

It’s a bad idea to place a wager on something you don’t comprehend. This could be a new game launched by the casino, or an old game with new rules. This is something that a lot of individuals do in the stock market.

However, they have heard or read that they should invest. Then they conduct research and learn that stocks are straightforward to invest in. Alternatively, individuals may decide to diversify by purchasing a mutual fund or an index fund.

The problem is that they end up investing in something they don’t completely understand. Most individuals don’t understand how stocks function. Do you understand why stock values change? Most individuals don’t because they would never lose money on stocks if they did.

People invest in companies they don’t understand, as well as in the stock market. How can you acquire stock if you don’t understand how a company makes money or the industry in which it operates?

Bitcoin is a relatively new investment that has attracted a lot of attention. To put it another way, investing in something you don’t understand. Everyone I talk to is excited about the fantastic investment opportunity and how it will take over the world, but they can’t explain how it works.

What if someone asked you to invest in a company but didn’t know anything about it? Almost no one will invest in a company about which they know nothing. You do this, however, when you wager on something you don’t comprehend.

If you come across a betting opportunity that you don’t understand, don’t place a bet until you learn more. Because the majority of gaming opportunities are explained online, you can learn more by Googling on your phone or computer.

Losers Offering Betting Tips

When you continually losing bets, it’s natural to become discouraged. This causes discomfort, and most individuals who are in pain desire to be relieved. Six straight blackjack defeats may encourage you to try different techniques.

So they plan to finally study the game and figure out how to improve their odds of winning, but by the time they return home from the casino, they are distracted or decide it’s too much work.

When you’re losing at the casino, you’re often at your weakest. And the casino is teeming with losers eager to share their gambling secrets. This combination can be costly.

In the casinos, I’ve heard some terrible advice throughout the years. I was constantly told that a slot machine was hot or about to pay off. I was taught that at the blackjack table, you should always take insurance since you can’t lose because it’s even money. There’s no shortage of bad advice.

There is good guidance available, but not at the casino. They can instead be discovered in good books, articles, films, and private groups.

Long-term, the majority of gamblers lose. That means that the majority of people in the casino are losers. Why would you pay attention to a loser?

When I hear sound advise in the casino, I make a note of it and research it afterwards. When someone offers me advice in the casino, I usually just smile, thank them, and go away.

Do a Double Take

I’ll go through more gambling strategies later, but one of the oldest is doubling up. Players try to double up after a loss. Pursue your losses.

When you try to double up or chase your losses, you can win. The problem is that you periodically lose and end up double your losses instead of catching up. This can result in more loss chasing and/or money loss.

The good news is that this is easily avoidable. Make a gambling budget and stick to it at all costs. If you are unable to stick to your gambling budget, you should either stop gambling or only gamble with money you are willing to lose.

I know some gamblers who only carry their gambling budget. As a result, they cannot lose more than they have budgeted.

Put your gaming budget in one pocket or compartment of your purse and the rest in another.

Before proceeding to the next section, I’d want to share one double up approach that usually loses but occasionally makes a substantial profit.

This method distributes your money. If you have $200 to spend at the casino, divide it into 20 $10 halves. Then you place a $10 bet on a game that pays out at a 1:1 ratio.

If you win, you can leave your original wager on the table to try to double your money. You have $20 if you win the first wager, and $40 if you win the second. Repeat until you’ve reached your goal.

If you lose, you begin a fresh series of bets with £10. Twenty £10 bets for £200 can be started. So I set my stop-loss at £320. So I need to win five consecutive wagers, doubling up each time.

I keep my original £200 and continue to play until I win £320. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, you can play with the house money for the rest of the night.


It doesn’t take long to find superstitious people in a casino. There are lucky rabbit’s foot, fortunate coins, and other ostensibly lucky artefacts. People may be seen blowing dice at the craps table, while gamers may be heard softly chanting or praying over games and machines.

Combining superstition and gambling is dangerous. Every form of gaming is based on mathematical principles. Although some of these arithmetic ideas are complicated, everything in the casino is mathematical.

The outcomes of mathematics are predictable. The problem is that some outcomes necessitate a large number of activities.

Here’s an example:

A 96 percent payout slot machine generates a 4 percent gross profit for the casino. However, this 4% gross profit is based on the long term and may change by hour or day.

Some days, the players will win, while others will lose more than 4% of their bets. In the end, the computer retains 4% of all bets.

This isn’t some sort of superstition.

This is critical since people rarely think about the long term. They only think about the current spin or hand, not the long term advantage. They detect or generate patterns that are in fact short-term random events. This can give rise to superstition.

Keep your lucky rabbit foot or fortunate coin, but keep in mind that nothing can beat the logic of any gambling game.

The Perfect System

I used to like reading sales presentations for gambling systems to see how far some snake oil salesman would go. But I got bored of reading the same assertions supported by faulty math.

Every game system has a fantastic sound. They frequently make it appear difficult to lose, yet there is no gambling strategy that can beat the casinos. If a legitimate gambling strategy that could beat the casinos developed, the casinos would either stop offering the game or go out of business.

In some cases, you can beat the casinos, but not in a systematic manner. Card counting is the most popular method of beating the casinos. Casinos are aware of this possibility and will ask you to stop playing if they discover you are counting cards.

You can save money by not reading about or purchasing worthless gambling systems. Every game system is a swindle in some sense.

Rather than wasting money and time on a non-working strategy, invest in some good books to improve your gambling skills.


Keno isn’t that bad when you look at it. With a little stake, often as little as £1, you can win thousands in a single draw. This appears to be a good risk-reward opportunity.

What you don’t notice while considering playing keno is that it has the highest house edge. The house edge on most table games ranges from 1% to 5%. The house edge on most slot machines is from 2% to 10%. Most keno games feature a house edge of 20% or higher.

As a result, for every £1 wagered on keno, you receive only 80 cents or less. A £100 keno stake loses at least £20.

If you have a small gaming budget, you can play keno for a long time because the best are modest and the drawings are slower than other games. However, you are at such a disadvantage that you will almost never win.

Roulette is number seven.

The majority of casinos use two roulette wheels. One type of wheel has a double zero space and a single zero space, while the other type does not. Because of the additional space on the double zero wheel, the house edge is higher than on the other wheel.

A double zero wheel has a house edge of 5.26 percent. The house edge on a single zero roulette wheel is 2.7 percent. European roulette wheels do not contain two zero spaces, although American roulette wheels have.

Differences Between European and American Roulette’s 00 and single 0 Spaces

Casinos frequently reduce the minimum wagers on their American wheels in order to attract more players. Never, ever, ever play American roulette. If the casino does not have a single zero wheel, do not play.

Horse, Dog, and Game Care Suggestions

I’ve heard a lot of great horse, dog, and team tips. Some people freely offer excellent suggestions, while others try to sell me excellent advice.

My initial thought is, “Why are you giving me such a fantastic tip?” This should be your initial thought because the solution always involves the tipper rather than you.

There are numerous sports to choose from. They all claim to be able to defeat the bookies and promise winnings in exchange for a fee.

If they were that good, they could make more money betting on games than selling options. However, they are aiming to offer you picks rather than bets.

You might be wondering why someone would give you advise on a horse or a dog. How can they make a profit if you don’t pay?

The majority of horse and dog race betting is pari-mutuel. All money is collected and a percentage is profited in pari-mutuel systems. The remaining monies are returned to the successful bettors. Winning bets are paid out in proportion to the amount wagered on each dog or horse.

A bettor can profit by selecting a winner while others bet on other horses or dogs. So, if I choose a winner, I want as many people to bet on other winners as possible.

Persuade people that one of the other possibilities is a solid bet. With a hot tip, I can entice other bettors.

Although it is feasible, most people who try to give you a hot tip are not doing so. Because of this, I never take a hot tip on a horse, dog, or game.


As I previously stated, I’ve heard blackjack players advocate always taking insurance. I’ve even heard it said to players by dealers. Insurance appears to be a good concept on the surface, but when you look at the data, you can see why it isn’t.

Blackjack insurance refers to side bets with substantial house edges. In actuality, insurance has nothing to do with the blackjack game you’re playing. It’s simply triggered by a base-game event.

When the dealer holds an ace, they will present you with an insurance bet. When the dealer has a natural blackjack, insurance pays 2 to 1.

When the dealer possesses a 10 point card and an ace face up, this is referred to as a natural blackjack. A natural blackjack is completed by a face-down ten, jack, queen, or king. It also means that another nine cards are required to complete a natural blackjack. This results in a 9:4 ratio.

However, the insurance bet pays 2/1. To be considered fair, the bet must pay 2.25 to 1. As a result, avoid the insurance bet.

Gambling While Intoxicated

injured or weakened Many causes can impair your judgement, but the most common is excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol, drugs, a lack of sleep, stress, and other variables can all have an impact on judgement.

Mannequin with Waitress at Craps Table

It makes no difference how your judgement is compromised; gambling when impaired is a lousy decision. You must be able to make clear decisions if you want to increase your chances of winning.

Intoxicated gamblers may make poor decisions, play for an extended period of time, or stake excessively. When you don’t think clearly, it’s easier to become frustrated and chase losses.