The Top 10 Casino Robberies of All Time

When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton said, “Because that’s where the money is.” Casino vaults hold more money than the vaults of most other institutions combined. It is no surprise that casinos have been targeted by crooks. Thievery is impossible in relation to the magnitude of a multi-million dollar casino theft. These large-scale, organized attacks are better described as heists.

Even though I disagree with their conduct, I admire their inventiveness and bravery. Here are the five most daring casino heists in history.

1 – Circus Circus

Allow me to introduce you to Circus Circus Casino, a fun and carefree game. This theft was flawlessly done. A Las Vegas armored car driver stole $3.1 million from casino ATMs in 1993.

The plan of the game is to wait for the other two security guards to enter the casino before stealing the money. She encountered a man who advised her to dump the vehicle, disguise herself, and flee to another country with the money. She turned herself in to set a positive example for her child, and the female perpetrator did the same a decade later. It’s still unclear where she is or where the money is.

2 – The Stardust

A cashier stuffed a garbage bag with $500,000 in cash and chips before departing the casino’s sportsbook.


Since the heinous crime in 1992, Bill Brennan and the stolen monies have gone missing. According to rumors, Brennan was assassinated and the money stolen.

He might have taken a snooze anywhere on the earth. Whatever happened to Brennan, he left behind a $500,000 heroic act.

3 – The Bellagio 1.0

Three armed men attacked the Bellagio in 2003. It just took a few seconds for two individuals to storm the cashier’s cage and steal all of the chips and cash they could find. The annual salary was a pittance of $160,000. It’s not a great thing for eight minutes of work, but it’s still a tiny robbery. As they fled, one of the assailants discharged a gun at casino security. Those in authority wasted no time in apprehending the deadly outlaws. Three people were convicted and sentenced to prison terms ranging from 15 to 27 years, and they were all prosecuted. One of the robbers committed suicide in barely four months. If you try to rob a casino, you should expect to spend a lengthy time in prison.

4 – Treasure Island

If you don’t succeed the first time, don’t give up. This old adage may be true for bicyclists and knitters, but it does not apply to casino robbers. Whereas the aforementioned Reginald Johnson had a plan. To make matters worse, Johnson had already attempted two botched heists at the Treasure Island Casino and intended to step up the stakes. The Tiger’s Island

Instead of leaving the casino empty-handed, Reginald shot the first security guard he came across. It had the opposite effect of making him appear more serious and therefore attracting attention. Employees retaliated against Johnson, forcing him to leave the casino. As he returned to Treasure Island for the fourth time, Reginald hoped that the fourth time would be the charm.

The third arrest he received had little effect. The fourth and last effort went relatively well. In the end, Reginald took home a $30,000 payday. He was, however, quickly captured. Johnson was sentenced to 130 years in jail for his aggressive behavior and disregard for human life. Even in the absence of restitution, the crime is punishable by law.

5 – Crown Perth Caper

Casino heists aren’t always a huge success. If security had not been present, the Crown Perth casino burglary might have been significantly worse. It had come to the point that a casino employee was sick of seeing the company’s vault fill up with millions of dollars. His partner was a high-rolling gambler.

The casino employees will monitor the high-roller bets using the casino cameras. When casino officials became suspicious of the players’ extraordinary windfall and conducted an investigation, they discovered that the couple had defrauded the casino of $32,000,000!

When the casino found out, he was fired. The whale was ejected from the casino and barred from ever returning. For the robbery attempt, no criminal charges were filed against them. I’m curious what Reginald Johnson feels about this.

6 – Soboba Casino Cash Grab

An incredible cash grab at Las Vegas’ Soboba Casino. Two armed men kept everyone in the casino at gunpoint. When the casino workers were restrained, they began loading duffel bags with cash. The two-out was accomplished without issue in compliance with casino rules. The cops were on their way before they left. Before the two were arrested, there was a brief desert chase.

7 – Junket Fraud Scheme

Casinos gain from the capacity of the junket sector to recruit high-rollers. Junkets are the best thing since sliced bread in Macau. A well-known junket company was the target of a smart but malevolent campaign. Many casinos enable players to borrow money from junkets to gamble with. On the trip, a $258 million heist was carried out. This large sum of money has had a huge impact on Wynn Casino’s stock price. The investigation has not yet been completed.

8 – London Falling

Over the years, several armed robberies have occurred in London’s casinos. Several of these robberies appeared to be straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. Hidden cameras were affixed to the swindlers’ chests to record the cards as they were dealt. Outside the casino, the video was forwarded to a buddy.

The video was slowed down to a crawl to emphasis the participants’ most outstanding achievements. These con artists defrauded London casinos of almost $250,000, but they were apprehended along with the rest of the list’s criminals.

9 – Bellagio Redux

Casinos such as the Bellagio are well-known all around the world. This knowledge is logically appealing to con artists and liars. In 2010, a criminal with a gun approached a roulette table and demanded money. The robber got back on his motorcycle and rushed away, stealing any chips he could find.

He ran into problems when attempting to sell the chips in online casinos and poker forums. In numerous of his publications, he identified himself as a “Biker Bandit.” The thief was swiftly apprehended and apprehended by the authorities. Less than two months later, the thief was apprehended selling to an undercover police officer in Las Vegas.

10 – Ritz and Famous

The fraudsters in the United Kingdom ought to be praised. The Ritz Casino’s high-tech thefts were carried out by a bunch of morally bankrupt sleight-of-hand bettors.

To predict the outcome of roulette spins, the three criminals used lasers tied to their iPhones. The application of such a method in a game like roulette may appear strange. The gang, on the other hand, made $1.5 million in just two days. When the casino realized what was going on, they immediately notified the authorities.

In the end, the men were found not to have committed any offence. They didn’t get a ticket and instead retained the money.

These ten most daring casino crimes resulted in no rewards. Some offenders have a major overeating problem.