What Are Online Casino Wagering Requirements?

You’re probably familiar with wagering requirements if you’ve been playing online casinos for a while and have received a few bonuses. These unpleasant but fair terms are a part of the online casino bonus world, and without them, you would have few chances to receive bonuses. Why don’t you go over them with me? Then continue reading.

How much money do casinos need?

Wagering requirements apply to almost every online casino bonus. These wagering requirements say unequivocally that players must bet their bonus amount (and, in some cases, their bonus + deposit total) before they may withdraw any bonus gains. Why?

There is no stealing casino money

Overall, casinos have wagering requirements for a reason. You can claim a large cash bonus and withdraw it without involving them. You would be taking the casino’s money and handing it to them in exchange for nothing. The wagering requirements compel you to spend the bonus money and keep you from running away with it.

Counting your residual stock holdings

Maintain vigilance over your wagering requirements. You may want to cash out after a large gain. But you can’t if you haven’t met your wagering requirements. It is frequently shown on the withdrawal screen or on your account page. You can also call customer care to inquire about the status of your withdrawal.

How to Cut Down on Wagering Requirements

Most casinos just require you to wager the bonus and deposit amount a set number of times. Withdrawals will not be processed until you have wagered 20 times the amount of your deposit bonus. Casinos typically have wagering restrictions ranging from 20x to 40x total, however some go higher.

Simply play casino games to meet your wagering requirements. Table games, video poker, and other games may not count as much towards those requirements as slots. Slot machines with progressive jackpots and live dealer games do not count against wagering requirements.

When must you place a bet at a casino?

When you claim a bonus, most online casinos have additional wagering requirements. It’s always preferable to wait until you’ve met the wagering requirements for previous bonuses before claiming fresh ones. Before claiming any bonus, always read the terms and conditions to determine the wagering requirements.

Bonuses with no wagering requirements

There are several casino bonuses that have no wagering requirements. These odd offers are frequently worth very little money, and some loyalty advantages are provided for free. Please accept a no-wagering offer if you are eligible. Check the terms and conditions of any casino bonus offer to make sure there aren’t any wagering requirements.